​​Sell us your clothes and toys in Calgary!

We accept gently used girls and boys clothes from size Preemie/Newborn to Boys and Girls 14/16.

  • Our intake area is open from 10 am until 6pm Tuesday through Saturday.  It is best to bring your items earlier in the day or make an appointment. Your order needs to be able to be completed prior to closing. So depending on how busy we are that day and the size of your order please arrive at a time that gives us enough time to complete your intake. You can also call ahead to confirm if we will have a spot and enough time The store closes at 8 pm and all intakes need to be completed prior to closing. 
  • If you have more than one bin we do recommend booking an appointment so that we are able to complete your entire order. 
  • Please launder and pre-sort according to our guidelines shown below to save both our time and for your maximum selling power.  If you show you value your clothing, we do too. 
  • We only accept items that are gently used, washed and clean  Please do not have them inside out. Items not clean or with stains, (no stains no matter how small please) holes, fading, pilling or noticeable wear will not be accepted. If they smell like smoke or have food on them they will all be returned to you.
  • To keep up with recent fashion styles, clothing older than 5 years is not accepted. This also means we do not take any brands that stopped manufacturing more than 5 years ago such as Please Mum.
  • We accept all seasons all year round including Halloween, Christmas and swimwear. 
  • We accept kids clothing brands such as Osh Kosh, H&M, Gap, Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Columbia, Mini Boden, Juicy Couture, Tommy Hilfiger, Jelly the Pug, Matilda Jane, and many others.

Toys, Accessories, Equipment:

  • We accept current, clean toys with working batteries.  Any families who have mini Picasso's amongst them- although we appreciate the creativity- we prefer all toys and books to be scribble free :) If a toy was bought as a set, please bring the set in its entirety.  We may not be able to purchase a toy if there are missing pieces.
  • We take activity tables, ride on toys, doll houses, kitchen centres, rocker/bouncer chairs, and exersaucers, strollers, high chairs, jolly jumpers, activity mats, wooden toys, wagons, sleighs and more. 
  • We also accept many miscellaneous child related items (the key being they are in great used condition) such as: shoes, (clean soles as much as possible too please) socks, tights, baby blankets and receiving blankets, (no crib bumpers and not crib bedding sets unless complete and new with tags or packaging) breastfeeding covers, headrests, diaper bags, breastfeeding pillows, car seat covers, stroller covers, child umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots, skates, sunglasses, swim goggles, umbrella type strollers, regular strollers including twin strollers, bikes, ride on toys, walkers, kids novelty suitcases, child jewelry and more.  
  • We do not take: diaper genies, wipe warmers, dishes/cups, bottle warmers, underwear. (Unless they are new in box/with tags)

We will sort through your clothes/items and select the ones we wish to purchase from you, and return the others back to you.  We then enter the items into the computer.  Premium brands are entered at premium prices. We will then give you a purchase offer based on the entire lot of clothing/items we have selected, and this offer will be based on brand name and supply and demand.  You can then choose to sell us the lot of clothes or decline our offer. It will be up to you. If you decide you wish to sell the items to us we will pay you cash immediately.

If you choose to spend all your selling money that day in store products we will top up your amount as a voucher which needs to be spent that day in store. 

If you are accepting cash and your total comes to more than $100. we reserve the right to possibly give you a cheque for the amount.

​THANK YOU for selling your valued items to us. We appreciate it.

450 14th St NW

Calgary AB Canada

(403) 452-8878

Pre-Loved clothing, toys and equipment for children 

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